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April 01 2012

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March 25 2012

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Letter to her sister, Cassandra, 24 Dec 1798.
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March 05 2012

“My mother, my wife and Jane Austen.” —

Colin Firth when asked ‘Who are the women in your life?


(via moriartea)

Dear Colin, why the fuck everything you say must be perfect?

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March 02 2012

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February 21 2012

Jane Austen - Northanger Abbey

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February 15 2012

February 11 2012

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September 03 2011

Jane Austen is thus a mistress of much deeper emotion than appears upon the surface. She stimulates us to supply what is not there. What she offers is, apparently, a trifle, yet is composed of something that expands in the reader’s mind and endows with the most enduring form of life scenes which are outwardly trivial.
— Virginia Woolf
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July 23 2011

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July 06 2011

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  -Miss Woodhouse, please! Fate has left us alone for a reason!
-What? What are you…? Release my hand!
-I do not so much as seize your hand so much as the opportunity to-
-Good heavens. Go back!
-Please! I am hoping…fearing…ready to die if you refuse me. Surely my
odd  attachment to you, my love and passion cannot help to make an
-Mr Elton! This is I, Miss Woodhouse! The party spirit has confused you!
I’ll be happy to deliver your message to Miss Smith, but you must direct no
more of it to me.
-Miss Smith? What sort of message would I want to send to her? Miss Smith?!
-Mr Elton, the wine has weakened you, for you to—
-If the wine has had any effect, it has only strengthened my will to tell
you that I love you! And-
-My astonishment is beyond anything I can express. For you to address me in
this manner, after your behaviour to Miss Smith, is—
-I never cared whether Miss Smith were dead or alive except she was your
friend. Who can think of Miss Smith when Miss Woodhouse is near?
-Oh, no!

April 11 2011

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April 10 2011

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