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December 31 2012

"(...) It can be only weak, irresolute characters (whose happiness must be always at the mercy of chance), who will suffer an unfortunate acquaintance to be an inconvenience, an oppression for ever."
Emma, Jane Austen
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December 29 2012

There are people who, the more you do for them, the less they will do for themselves.
Emma by Jane Austen.
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I begin already to weigh my words and sentences more than I did, and am looking about for a sentiment, an illustration, or a metaphor in every corner of the room. Could my Ideas flow as fast as the rain in the Storecloset it would be charming.
Jane Austen, in a letter from 1809.
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Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey.
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September 22 2012

She makes me detest all her people, without reserve. Is that her intention? It is not believable. Then is it her purpose to make the reader detest her people up to the middle of the book and like them in the rest of the chapters? That could be. That would be high art. It would be worth while, too. Some day I will examine the other end of her books and see.
— Mark Twain
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August 13 2012

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Jane Austen’s house. Chawton.
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August 06 2012

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Jane Austen by Cassandra Elizabeth Austen, 1804.
Tags: Jane Austen
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