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December 31 2012

"(...) It can be only weak, irresolute characters (whose happiness must be always at the mercy of chance), who will suffer an unfortunate acquaintance to be an inconvenience, an oppression for ever."
Emma, Jane Austen
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December 29 2012

There are people who, the more you do for them, the less they will do for themselves.
Emma by Jane Austen.
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period films &c.
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October 23 2012



… and the according passage from the book (I think it’s worth noting that in the book, this is a conversation strictly between Mr. Knightley and Mrs. Elton, with no witnesses whatsover)

“Married women, you know, may be safely autorized. Leave it all to me. I will invite your guests.”

“No,” - he calmly replied, - “there is but one married woman in the world whom I can ever allow to invite what guests she pleases to Donwell, and that one is -“

”- Mrs. Weston, I suppose,” interrupted Mrs. Elton, rather mortified.

“No - Mrs. Knightley; - and, till she is in being, I will manage such matters myself.”

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August 13 2012

February 12 2012

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