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December 09 2011

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October 31 2011

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October 22 2011

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

October 21 2011

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September 03 2011

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source: http://www.reddit.com/tb/jk04v

You have no idea how much I cracked up after seeing this. (And as a side note, I REALLY SINCERELY HOPE I AM NOT LIKE THAT when I grow up)

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September 02 2011

“Every single film since then, there`s been a scene where someone goes, `Well I think you`ve just killed Mr Darcy`. But he is a figure that won`t die… I`ve never resented it: if it wasn`t for him I might be languishing, but part of me thinks I should do this postmodern thing, change my name by deed poll to Mr Darcy. Then people can come up to me and say, `But you are not Mr Darcy` which would be different. I dare say it will be my saving grace when the only employment available to me is opening supermarkets dressed in breeches and a wig.”
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August 23 2011

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August 20 2011

August 17 2011

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July 23 2011

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«I particularly wanted Colin Firth to play Darcy. Some people thought it was an odd choice, and I think Colin himself thought it was an odd choice. He, in fact, said no at the beginning, and I absolutely had to insist that he’d think again and do it, for him to take the part. He said he eventually realised that if anybody else played the part, he’d be immensely jealous because the part had taken over him. He’s an amazing actor. Physically, himself, he doesn’t actually look like Darcy, but I think you’d agree, or I hope most people would agree, that he looks incredibly like Darcy when he’s playing Darcy.»

- Sue Birtwistle, Producer (BBC’s Pride & Prejudice -1995)

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